About Us

Leader of the Pack

Marian Brenssell with husband Cameron. We have four dogs of our own, and were motivated to open a doggy daycare after moving to Tirau from Dunedin last year and being shocked by the lack of places available to exercise dogs due to the South Waikato District Council’s ban on dogs in town. One of the things I noticed as soon as we came up was there is nowhere within a 20 minute drive where you can just let your dogs play and be dogs. We were living in town at the time and we were paying $200 a year to register each dog but we couldn’t even walk them down the street and to me that is just not fair. I feel sorry for a lot of dogs here. Now that we have purchased our own farm it was the perfect opportunity to help other frustrated owners. And we have the experience and knowledge to understand a lot of that behaviour and personality. Both myself and Cameron are dog trainers and behaviourists.

I have always had dogs, we had up to 16 at one time. I used to run a team of working dogs down south and people would randomly ask if I could take their dog and train them, or ask questions about their dog’s anxiety or the way they relate to other dogs. It was all about word of mouth, so most times we had at least one other person’s dog at our house. It’s not just about understanding the dog but helping the dog and understanding each other.

So it made sense to start a job where I can spend my days at home with my own four dogs as well as being able to provide a space and company for dogs whose owners cannot be with them throughout the day.

Running a doggy daycare business allowed me to work at something I love, spending time with dogs. People who really get dogs, can see every single one has their own personality, it’s like having a big group of friends who think you are absolutely awesome. They are very intelligent and very responsive. Dogs do give a lot away, they try to communicate with us.

My day starts by picking up each dog from their home and then driving them out to our 30-acre Paparamu Rd property, nestled between Pairere and Tirau. Sometimes I stay awake at night looking forward to the next day’s adventures.

Dogs Territory

Offering around 30 acres of outside play area (fully fenced), your dog can spend hour upon hour playing with his or her friends, swimming, receiving basic training and/or being pampered and fussed over.

Currently home to four, four-legged friends Tussock, Grace, Clyde and Baxter. Our doggy daycare facility is what most doggies dream of. The size of the property means there can be separate areas for big, small, and older dogs.

During their stay the dogs get the run of the property, complete with lush paddocks and ponds enclosed by fence. Basically they will be able to just go for it and be dogs. It is like doggy heaven as there is long grass and we do things like hiding tennis balls which they go nuts looking for. We also have structured games and go for walks so they are being asked to think as well.

It will just be a day of fun on a farm and the dogs will go home having been stimulated rather than just being stuck at home alone all day.