Doggy Daycare

The best place for your dog to spend the day while you are busy at work – with a friendly, sociable atmosphere and loads for them to do. We will swing by in the morning to pick up your dog and head to our 30-acre doggy daycare site in the Tirau countryside! A dogs idea of heaven, they will spend the day running in the paddocks, swimming in the pond, or napping. Whether you want Red Brae Farm Doggy Daycare to look after your dog on a regular basis or just occasionally, we guarantee the same great experience for your dog.

Full Time Visitors – Five days per week on-going: Small dogs $85, Large dogs $100
Pick up and drop off per week: $20
Members for at least one day per week: Small dogs $21, Large dogs $25
Pick up and drop off: $5 per day
Casual Visitors: Small dogs $30, Large dogs $35

Doggy Sleepover

A night here on farm with the four house-dogs. Inside or outside sleeping available. During the time you’re away from each other, we do everything we can to make your dog as comfortable as possible.  For your dog, staying overnight at Red Brae Farm Doggy Daycare means more time with their friends in an already familiar environment.  As your dog’s home away from home, we know your dog and they know us.  This reduces the stress and separation anxiety often associated with traditional dog boarding settings.

$10 or $15 with food supplied

Doggy Bath with Flea Treatment

Warm water doggy bath with our eco-friendly doggy-specific shampoo. Perfect for a Friday, get them home smelling amazing for the weekend!


Doggy Massage

Your pooch will be pampered with a 30 minute, one-on-one, head, neck, legs and paws massage by our in-house animal masseuse. The perfect gift for a doggy birthday!


Doggy Nail Clip

Full set of paws, all trimmed and ready for a big day of playing!


Doggy Salon

Wash, coat trim and groom:

Large dogs $60, Medium dogs $50, Small dogs $40

Doggy Check-Up

We can book and arrange to take your beloved pooch to their vet for a check-up or treatment. (cost of treatment is additional)


Doggy One-on-One Training

The perfect addition for those who would like some extra help. The first session is generally 1 hour, then follow-up sessions are 30 minutes, and take place in your own home.

First session: $50
Follow-up sessions: $25 for 30 minutes


Pick-up and drop off included in the price for five days per week full time training.

$200 per week